New Twin Otter landing

Welcome to Barra - A unique landing experience

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Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
BE68519th Dec 10:25GlasgowLanded at 10:20
BE685110th Dec 10:05GlasgowScheduled
BE685510th Dec 11:00GlasgowScheduled
BE685111th Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
BE685112th Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
BE685512th Dec 12:40GlasgowScheduled
BE685113th Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
BE685513th Dec 13:25GlasgowScheduled
BE685114th Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
BE685514th Dec 14:10GlasgowScheduled
BE685115th Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
BE685515th Dec 14:15GlasgowScheduled
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
BE68529th Dec 10:45GlasgowAirborne at 11:01
BE685210th Dec 10:25GlasgowScheduled
BE685610th Dec 11:20GlasgowScheduled
BE685211th Dec 12:10GlasgowScheduled
BE685612th Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
BE685212th Dec 13:00GlasgowScheduled
BE685213th Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
BE685613th Dec 13:45GlasgowScheduled
BE685214th Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
BE685614th Dec 14:30GlasgowScheduled
BE685215th Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
BE685615th Dec 14:35GlasgowScheduled