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Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LM45116th Dec 11:00GlasgowLanded 11:08
LM45516th Dec 13:45GlasgowScheduled
LM45117th Dec 12:00GlasgowScheduled
LM45118th Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
lm45518th Dec 14:15GlasgowScheduled
LM45119th Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
LM45119th Dec 14:15GlasgowScheduled
LM45120th Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
LM45520th Dec 14:15GlasgowScheduled
LM45121st Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
LM45521st Dec 14:15GlasgowScheduled
LM45122nd Dec 11:30GlasgowScheduled
LM45522nd Dec 14:15GlasgowScheduled
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LM45216th Dec 11:20GlasgowAirborne 11:37
LM45616th Dec 14:05GlasgowScheduled
LM45217th Dec 12:20GlasgowScheduled
LM45218th Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
LM45618th Dec 14:35GlasgowScheduled
LM45219th Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
LM45619th Dec 14:35GlasgowScheduled
LM45220th Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
LM45620th Dec 14:35GlasgowScheduled
LM45221st Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
LM45621st Dec 14:35GlasgowScheduled
LM45222nd Dec 11:50GlasgowScheduled
LM45622nd Dec 14:35GlasgowScheduled