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Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
BE685127th Mar 11:30GlasgowLanded 12:35
BE685527th Mar 14:15GlasgowLanded 15:28
BE685128th Mar 11:30GlasgowScheduled
BE685528th Mar 14:15GlasgowScheduled
BE685129th Mar 12:35GlasgowScheduled
BE685529th Mar 14:15GlasgowScheduled
BE685130th Mar 12:35GlasgowScheduled
BE685530th Mar 14:15GlasgowScheduled
BE685131st Mar 12:35GlasgowScheduled
BE685531st Mar 14:15GlasgowScheduled
BE68511st Apr 13:50GlasgowScheduled
BE68551st Apr 14:45GlasgowScheduled
BE68512nd Apr 13:50GlasgowScheduled
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
BE685227th Mar 11:50GlasgowAirborne 13:01
BE685627th Mar 14:35GlasgowAirborne 15:56
BE685228th Mar 11:50GlasgowScheduled
BE685628th Mar 14:35GlasgowScheduled
BE685229th Mar 12:55GlasgowScheduled
BE685629th Mar 14:35GlasgowScheduled
BE685230th Mar 12:55GlasgowScheduled
BE685630th Mar 14:35GlasgowScheduled
BE685231st Mar 12:55GlasgowScheduled
BE685631st Mar 14:35GlasgowScheduled
BE68521st Apr 14:10GlasgowScheduled
BE68561st Apr 15:05GlasgowScheduled
BE68522nd Apr 14:10GlasgowScheduled