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Air Traffic Control Industrial Action

Sumburgh Airport will close to air traffic from 00.01 to 23.59 on Thursday 23 May 2019:

HIAL sincerely regret this escalation of the pay dispute by Prospect members and apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused our customers.

We continue to work closely with our airlines to mitigate the effects of strike action and I wish to thank them and all our staff who have worked extremely hard to implement contingency measures.

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Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LM07027th May 07:35Aberdeen
EZE103527th May 07:45Aberdeen
LM86227th May 07:45Aberdeen
LM87027th May 08:45Aberdeen
LM35127th May 08:55Edinburgh
EZE103727th May 10:15Aberdeen
LM07227th May 10:20Aberdeen
LM86427th May 11:00Aberdeen
LM87227th May 12:00Aberdeen
LM13127th May 12:20Kirkwall
LM07427th May 13:30Aberdeen
EZE103927th May 14:15Aberdeen
LM86627th May 14:15Aberdeen
LM43727th May 15:10Glasgow
LM07827th May 16:05Aberdeen
LM86827th May 17:30Aberdeen
LM35527th May 18:15Edinburgh
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LM07127th May 07:30Aberdeen
LM35227th May 07:40Edinburgh
LM13027th May 08:15Kirkwall
LM86327th May 08:15Aberdeen
LM35027th May 09:25Edinburgh
LM07327th May 10:50Aberdeen
EZE103627th May 11:15Aberdeen
LM86527th May 11:30Aberdeen
LM87327th May 12:45Aberdeen
LM07527th May 13:00Aberdeen
LM43627th May 14:00Glasgow
EZE103827th May 14:15Aberdeen
LM86727th May 14:45Aberdeen
LM13827th May 15:40Kirkwall
EZE104027th May 16:00Aberdeen
LM87527th May 16:00Aberdeen
LM07927th May 16:35Aberdeen
LM86927th May 18:00Aberdeen
LM35827th May 18:55Edinburgh