Training Matters….at HIAL

Our airports are safe places to visit and safe places to work. There are many reasons why this is so, including international and national regulations, the designed-in safety of our buildings and processes and the sharp focus we have on planning for routine and unexpected events. But the safe operation of an airport depends primarily on its people; people who apply their skills, training and experience to ensure all we do is done with safety as our primary objective.

Within HIAL, we invest in our teams to ensure their training helps prepare them for every eventuality and we are now in a position where we can share our experience and expertise with the wider community and the business world.

We are setting out to provide a broad range of safety-related training courses, to be delivered by our Airport Fire Service (AFS) teams at each of our locations. HIAL has provided training in fire-fighting, fire safety, first aid, driving and many more areas over the years but the scale of this provision has been limited; we are now rolling out both individual courses and ‘bundled’ courses to meet local demand.

Across the group we can tailor training to meet the specific needs of our locations; in Kirkwall we offer Marine Fire Safety training; in Inverness Forestry First Aid is a recent addition to our menu; Sumburgh Airport delivers fire training to the council-run airports.

With a number of courses available for immediate delivery – 1, 2 and 3 day first aid courses and Fire Safety/Fire Warden training – we are building on the foundations of our own established internal training systems. We’re expanding our provision all the time and will soon have Manual Handling courses available alongside Confined Space training and a range of customisable packages of training to make us a one-stop-shop for all Health and Safety training.


This is just the beginning; we have big plans for the future and aim to expand our training capabilities across the full spectrum of e-learning, practical and theory-based courses and safety-related consultancy services.  For more information, contact our AFS Business Development Manager, James Millar on 01667 464256 or