Welcome to Wick John O'Groats - the UK's most northerly mainland airport

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
T3 56126th Jun 09:50AberdeenLanded at 10:14
BE688126th Jun 10:25EdinburghLanded at 10:23
BE688526th Jun 16:00EdinburghLanded at 16:01
T3 56726th Jun 18:15AberdeenLanded at 18:05
T3 56127th Jun 09:50Aberdeen
BE 688127th Jun 12:45Edinburgh
T356727th Jun 18:15Aberdeen
T3 56128th Jun 09:50Aberdeen
BE 688128th Jun 12:45Edinburgh
T3 56728th Jun 18:15Aberdeen
T3 56129th Jun 09:50Aberdeen
BE 688129th Jun 12:45Edinburgh
BE 688529th Jun 16:00EdinburghNew schedule begins in July
T3 56729th Jun 17:25Aberdeen
T3 56929th Jun 20:15Aberdeen
BE 688130th Jun 10:25Edinburgh
BE 688530th Jun 16:00Edinburgh
T3 56730th Jun 17:25Aberdeen
T3 56930th Jun 20:15Aberdeen
BE 68852nd Jul 16:00Edinburgh
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
T3 56026th Jun 07:00AberdeenDeparted at 07:03
T3 56226th Jun 10:15AberdeenDeparted at 10:49
BE 688626th Jun 10:55EdinburghDeparted at 11:26
BE 688226th Jun 16:30EdinburghDeparted at 16:39
T3 56826th Jun 18:40AberdeenDeparted at 18:38
T3 56227th Jun 10:15Aberdeen
BE 688227th Jun 13:15Edinburgh
T3 56827th Jun 18:40Aberdeen
T3 56228th Jun 10:15Aberdeen
BE 688228th Jun 13:15Edinburgh
T3 56828th Jun 18:40Aberdeen
T3 56229th Jun 10:15Aberdeen
BE 688229th Jun 13:15Edinburgh
BE 688629th Jun 16:30EdinburghNew schedule begins in July
T3 56829th Jun 17:50Aberdeen
T3 56230th Jun 10:15Aberdeen
BE 688230th Jun 10:55Edinburgh
BE 688630th Jun 16:30Edinburgh
T3 56830th Jun 17:50Aberdeen
BE 68862nd Jul 16:30Edinburgh