Welcome to Wick John O'Groats - the UK's most northerly mainland airport

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
T3 56117th Jan 10:05AberdeenLanded at 10:07
LM 33517th Jan 14:50EdinburghLanded at 15:28
T356717th Jan 17:05AberdeenLanded at 18:33
T3 56118th Jan 10:05Aberdeen
LM 33518th Jan 14:50Edinburgh
T3 56718th Jan 17:05Aberdeen
T3 56119th Jan 10:05Aberdeen
LM 33519th Jan 11:40Edinburgh
T3 56719th Jan 17:05Aberdeen
T3 56919th Jan 20:15Aberdeen
LM 33520th Jan 15:40Edinburgh
T3 56122nd Jan 11:20Aberdeen
LM 33522nd Jan 11:40Edinburgh
T3 56722nd Jan 17:05Aberdeen
T3 56123rd Jan 10:05Aberdeen
LM 33523rd Jan 14:50Edinburgh
T3 56723rd Jan 17:05Aberdeen
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
T3 56217th Jan 10:35AberdeenDeparted at 10:35
LM 33617th Jan 15:20EdinburghDeparted at 15:59
T3 56817th Jan 17:30AberdeenDeparted at 19:05
T3 56218th Jan 10:35Aberdeen
LM 33618th Jan 15:20Edinburgh
T3 56818th Jan 17:30Aberdeen
T3 56219th Jan 10:35Aberdeen
LM 33619th Jan 12:10Edinburgh
T3 56819th Jan 17:30Aberdeen
LM 33620th Jan 16:10Edinburgh
T3 56022nd Jan 07:00Aberdeen
T3 56222nd Jan 11:45Aberdeen
LM 33622nd Jan 12:10Edinburgh
T3 56822nd Jan 17:30Aberdeen
T3 56223rd Jan 10:35Aberdeen
LM 33623rd Jan 15:20Edinburgh
T3 56823rd Jan 17:30Aberdeen