Welcome to Wick John O'Groats - the UK's most northerly mainland airport

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
BE 689528th Oct 12:05EdinburghLanded at 12:06
T3 56728th Oct 17:25AberdeenLanded at 17:34
T3 56928th Oct 20:15AberdeenLanded at 19:59
BE 689530th Oct 16:00Edinburgh
T3 56131st Oct 09:50Aberdeen
BE 689531st Oct 12:05Edinburgh
T3 56731st Oct 18:15Aberdeen
T3 5611st Nov 09:50Aberdeen
BE 68951st Nov 12:05Edinburgh
T3 5671st Nov 18:15Aberdeen
T3 5612nd Nov 09:50Aberdeen
BE 68952nd Nov 12:05Edinburgh
T3 5672nd Nov 18:15Aberdeen
T3 5613rd Nov 09:50Aberdeen
BE 68953rd Nov 12:05Edinburgh
T3 5673rd Nov 17:25Aberdeen
T3 5693rd Nov 20:15Aberdeen
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
T3 56018th Jul 07:00AberdeenDeparted at 07:08
T3 56228th Oct 10:15AberdeenDeparted at 10:30
BE 689628th Oct 12:35EdinburghDeparted at 12:41
T3 56828th Oct 17:50AberdeenDeparted at 18:02
BE 689630th Oct 16:30Edinburgh
T3 56031st Oct 07:00Aberdeen
T3 56231st Oct 10:15Aberdeen
BE 689631st Oct 12:35Edinburgh
T3 56831st Oct 18:40Aberdeen
T3 5621st Nov 10:15Aberdeen
BE 68961st Nov 12:35Edinburgh
T3 5681st Nov 18:40Aberdeen
T3 5622nd Nov 10:15Aberdeen
BE 68962nd Nov 12:35Edinburgh
T3 5682nd Nov 18:40Aberdeen
T3 5623rd Nov 10:15Aberdeen
BE 68963rd Nov 12:35Edinburgh
T3 5683rd Nov 17:50Aberdeen