Welcome to Wick John O'Groats - the UK's most northerly mainland airport

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
BE 766115th Aug 09:50AberdeenLanded at 09:41
LM 33515th Aug 12:30EdinburghLanded at 12:28
BE 766715th Aug 18:20AberdeenLanded at 18:21
BE 766116th Aug 09:50Aberdeen
LM 33516th Aug 12:30Edinburgh
BE 766716th Aug 18:20Aberdeen
LM33417th Aug 12:30Edinburgh
BE766717th Aug 17:15Aberdeen
LM 33519th Aug 15:10Edinburgh
BE 766120th Aug 09:50Aberdeen
LM 33520th Aug 12:30Edinburgh
BE 766720th Aug 18:20Aberdeen
BE 766121st Aug 09:50Aberdeen
LM 33521st Aug 12:30EdinburghNot Operating
BE 766721st Aug 18:20Aberdeen
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
BE 766215th Aug 10:15AberdeenDeparted at 10:18
LM 33615th Aug 13:00EdinburghDeparted at 13:07
BE 766815th Aug 18:45AberdeenDeparted at 18:52
BE 766216th Aug 10:15Aberdeen
LM 33616th Aug 13:00Edinburgh
BE 766816th Aug 18:45Aberdeen
LM33617th Aug 13:00Edinburgh
BE 766817th Aug 17:45Aberdeen
LM 33619th Aug 15:40Edinburgh
BE 766220th Aug 10:15Aberdeen
LM 33620th Aug 13:00Edinburgh
BE 766820th Aug 18:45Aberdeen
BE 766221st Aug 10:15Aberdeen
LM 33621st Aug 13:00EdinburghNot Operating
BE 766821st Aug 18:45Aberdeen