HIAL’s overriding priority is, and will continue to be, the delivery of safe and secure air navigation services.  To do that we require a long-term, sustainable solution to address underlying structural air traffic control issues, as well as staff retention and recruitment challenges across many locations.

HIAL plays a vital role in Scotland’s transport network and we continue to experience increasing air traffic demands and regulatory changes within the aviation industry, over and above mounting pressure on costs. The infrastructure across our airport network requires significant ongoing investment. 

It is crucial to the unique lifeline services we provide, and our contribution to the social and economic prosperity of our communities, that our airport network and aviation services are safeguarded.

HIAL must evolve to meet these challenges and look to maximise operational flexibility, capability and resilience wherever possible.

Our programme to integrate air traffic services in a Combined Surveillance Centre will modernise the way airspace is managed and, importantly, deliver safe and secure air navigation now and in the future.