A planned and safe transformation of our air traffic management operation will help HIAL safeguard our activities over the medium to long term and allow us to continue serving the remote communities of Scotland. 

Fundamentally, this modernisation programme is a complex and challenging change management project. It is not something HIAL has undertaken lightly - it is something that had been considered for several years prior to the Helios scoping study in 2017 to address structural deficit within worldwide air traffic control.

We believe it simply must be done to ensure the long-term sustainability of air services in the Highlands and Islands.

The integration of Highlands and Islands air traffic services in a combined surveillance centre will modernise the way airspace is managed and, importantly, deliver more resilient and safer air navigation for decades to come.  

With proven technology already utilised in Sweden, Norway, Ireland, England and other areas of the world, our programme will:

  • Deliver a modern and flexible air traffic management operation with enhanced safety
  • Improve air traffic management resilience and ease staff recruitment and retention issues
  • Introduce controlled airspace to plan ahead for potential legislative compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Provide a centre of excellence for air traffic management, and training facilities.