HIAL announced its plans to introduce a remote tower air traffic management system (ATMS) in January 2018 and since then HIAL staff, the Unions and key stakeholder groups have been kept informed on all aspects of the review from its inception.  In October 2019, the HIAL Board gave authority to seek funding from the Scottish Government to progress the ATMS programme. Following approval from Scottish Government, a Business Case was approved by the Board in December, along with a number of specific recommendations. The strategic programme decisions made by the Board moves HIAL into the implementation phase of the ATMS project and will allow detailed operational decisions to be made.

To ensure all staff and stakeholders were aware of the strategic decisions made by the Board, a concentrated programme of local engagement events were undertaken from 16th to 22nd January. These sessions were the start of the next phase of our ongoing engagement programme to ensure our staff, stakeholders and partners are kept up-to-date and able to input their views as we move forward with the programme.

The sessions were not detailed technical briefings and generated honest feedback and questions. The feedback helps us enormously and will allow us to direct our ongoing engagement as we seek input from staff, stakeholders and partners.

We have compiled questions from the different sessions and have uploaded these in the ATMS Document Library area of the website. We appreciate these will not answer all the questions people may have at this time and more technical briefing sessions and individual stakeholder and partner sessions will be scheduled very shortly as part of our ongoing engagement programme. We will continue to update our FAQ pages as the programme continues.

If you have any questions and would like to speak with a member of our Management Team or ATMS team, please get in touch by emailing info@hial.co.uk and we will try to accommodate your request as soon as possible.