General Aviation

Following the announcement of further restrictions and changes to travel guidance, the following restrictions will now apply at HIAL airports, currently until Saturday 16 January 2021:

  • Out of Hours movements will be suspended.
  • General and Business Aviation operations are not permitted between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • Limited General Aviation operations are permitted, under strict Prior Permission Required (PRR) requirements. Flights should land at the same airfield from which they departed and unless prior approval is granted by the Airport Manager or Head Office, general aviation flights will not be accepted from any other airport.
  • General Aviation flights for maintenance checks, ferry and engine health under COVID-19 remain a permissible operation, when there is an urgent requirement to do so.

Campbeltown Airport is currently restricting access to all jets and any aircraft weighing more than 6.85 tonnes. This restriction is to preserve the runway for medical, lifeline and emergency services and will remain in place until resurfacing work is completed next year.

Owners, operators and pilots should always contact the airport before planning their flights.

Information for Pilots
Pilots are requested to read the following information regarding the airport’s operational information.  Please contact the airport before planning your flight.

Aircraft Refuelling Services
There is no refuelling service available at Campbeltown airport.

Air Charters
There is no air charter service available from Campbeltown airport.