General Aviation

Arriving in Campbeltown

Out of Hours

An Out of Hours Permit Scheme operates at some of the HIAL aerodromes. The scheme follows a strict set of guidelines, please see below for the relevant documentation detailing the requirements of the scheme.

Arrangements for flights outside of official opening hours – updated 26.04.19

HIAL Out of Hours Permit Application Form – updated 30.06.20

Please note our Head Office facility is currently closed with staff working from home.  Therefore, we cannot accept or process any applications or cheques by mail.  Applications will only be processed electronically and should be returned to 

Information for Pilots
Pilots are requested to read the following information regarding the airport’s operational information. The airport opening hours are Monday to Friday 09.40 (local) to 17.45 (local) subject to availability. Please contact the airport before planning your flight.

Aircraft Refuelling Services
There is no refuelling service available at Campbeltown airport.

Air Charters
There is no air charter service available from Campbeltown airport.