Runway Upgrade at Campbeltown Airport

HIAL is proposing to upgrade the runway at Campbeltown Airport, as it is showing signs of deterioration and has a temporary restriction in place for aircraft weighing more than 6.85 tonnes.  This limit was put in place to make sure the airport can continue to accept essential medical, lifeline and emergency services. 

The proposed work involves:

  • Reducing the main runway width to 30m
  • 100mm asphalt overlay
  • Geo-synthetic asphalt reinforcement
  • Airfield ground lighting to suit 30m runway width.

The refurbishment of the runway should mean that the airport is fully operational again before the end of the year, as well as protecting the runway for a further 15 years.

In order to carry out the work, the airport will need to close for a short period, although we hope to minimise the impact of the closure on the local community. 

A public consultation event will be held on Thursday 15 July.