Inverness Airport Covid-19 Information

International Travel

KLM Inverness to Amsterdam Route

KLM resumed their Inverness to Amsterdam route from Monday 28 June 2021.   The service will operate daily.

Are there any restrictions to travel between Inverness and Amsterdam?

Passengers intending to travel between Inverness and Amsterdam should check the current restrictions for international travel on the Scottish Government’s website.  

Detailed information on entry restrictions, testing, and quarantine requirements relating to travel to and from the Netherlands is included on the UK Government’s website.

Do I need to undertake Covid tests to travel from Inverness to Amsterdam?

A negative PCR test is required 72 hours before travel to Amsterdam and you must also have an additional lateral flow test within 24 hours of your flight departing.   (Information correct at 24/6/2021 – please check current testing requirements on the UK Government’s website.)

It is the individual’s responsibility to undertake the appropriate testing.   Details on the Scottish Government’s website.

Can I access the tests I need when I arrive at the airport?

Lateral flow tests are available at Inverness Airport. However, tests are available on an appointment only basis and availability is limited so please book for this test in advance.  Please allow for plenty of time for your test to be completed ahead of flying.   Each person will be provided with a ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate following a negative test.

Passengers will be required to make arrangements for a PCR test.

How can I book my lateral flow test?

You can book your test online via the Inverness Airport website.

How much will the test at the airport cost?

The tests and ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate cost £50 per person.

Can I use the free lateral flow test provided by the Scottish Government?

The test needs to be certified by a healthcare professional and a negative test certificate is required before you can fly.

What happens if the lateral flow test at the airport is positive?

You will be unable to fly and advised to seek a PCR test.