Flying to Dundee

Ensuring our passenger’s safety is our utmost priority – below is a list of important considerations to keep in mind when travelling TO Dundee Airport:

What safety measures must I adhere to at the airport?

You will be asked to use the supplied sanitiser on your hands before entering the terminal building after alighting the aircraft.

You will also be asked to observe 2-metre physical (social) distancing and directional guidelines throughout the airport at all times.

Will someone direct me when I arrive at the airport?

You will be met by a customer service representative or airline representative at the entrance to the terminal once you land. They will explain the processes to be followed as you move through the terminal.

Do I need to wear a face covering within the terminal?

Yes, in line with current guidance you will be required to wear a face covering from the moment you enter the terminal building until you depart the destination airport at the end of your journey.

Will I be required to undergo a temperature check upon landing into the airport?

No, the advice from the UK and Scottish governments, and Health Protection Scotland, is that temperature checks are not currently required at our airports.

If I require special assistance, will this still be available?

Yes, this is provided by the check-in staff at the terminal.  Special assistance can be arranged prior to travel via the Loganair booking line – 03448 002 855.

Will the Airport café be open?

Yes, initially they will be open on a restricted basis around flight times.  Additionally, a vending/self-service facility will be available within the departure lounge.

Are the toilet and washroom facilities open in the terminal building?

There will be toilet facilities available within all areas of the terminal building; however, the capacity in some areas may be reduced to comply with social distancing.

Will I still be able to use the car park? 

Yes, our carparks will function as normal on a ticket-on-arrival basis.

Will taxis be available when I arrive?

Yes, taxis can be pre-booked or picked up on arrival at the front of the terminal building.

Will car hire companies offering a meet and greet service be inside the terminal building?

Arnold Clark offers a meet and greet service at Dundee Airport for pre-booked car hire.  Access to the terminal building is restricted to travelling passengers and staff only.  If you have pre-booked car hire with Arnold Clark, please meet them outside the terminal building.

Flying to Dundee – Printable PDF to keep handy when flying to Dundee Airport