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You will find key documents and reports that relate to our ATMS programme in this section.  We will continue to update this area as more information becomes available.

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ATM Strategy – FarrPoint Connectivity Review  

While the ATMS programme will allow us to deliver sustainable aviation services well into the future, we appreciate the complexity of the project and recognise there are a number of technical challenges to overcome.   A key requirement for the successful delivery of the ATMS programme is high quality, resilient communications infrastructure between the Combined Surveillance Centre (CSC) and each of the airports within the programme. In order to fully understand the scale of this challenge and define the scope of the change required we commissioned, FarrPoint – a connectivity consultancy organisation – to analyse the connectivity situation at each of the identified HIAL airports. The recommendations from the study are helping us define the highest connectivity links and optimum locations for technical demonstration and testing.

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ATM Strategy – Business Case 2019

HIAL announced its plans to introduce a remote tower air traffic management system (ATMS) in January 2018 and since then HIAL staff, the Unions and key stakeholder groups have been kept informed on all aspects of the review from its inception.  In October 2019, the HIAL Board gave authority to seek funding from the Scottish Government to progress the ATMS programme. Following approval from Scottish Government, a Business Case was approved by the Board in December, along with a number of specific recommendations. The strategic programme decisions made by the Board moves HIAL into the implementation phase of the ATMS project and will allow detailed operational decisions to be made.

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ATM Strategy – PIN Contract Notice

ATM Strategy – Pre-Tender Consultation

ATM Strategy – Pre-Tender Consultation – Questionnaire

HIAL ATM 2030 Technical Scoping Study – with audio commentary

ATM Strategy –  Appraisal of Options for the Remote Tower Centre Location – Final Report October 2018

ATM Strategy – Scoping Study Helios Report