FAQ – Sumburgh Approach Radar Service

The Board approved bringing the provision of Sumburgh Radar in-house.  The ATMS Programme will manage the project with a view to transitioning the Sumburgh Radar position into the new contingency facility ahead of it eventually relocating it to the new Combined Surveillance Centre (CSC).

The operational transition is expected to be complete by the end September 2021, with transition into the CSC Operations room in early 2023.  The current contract with National Air Traffic Services Ltd (NATS) expires at the end of Mar 2020. This has been extended for a further two-year period to ensure continuity of the service up to the time that the transition to the contingency facility has been fully completed.

The service will later relocate to the CSC as per the wider ATMS transition plan. In order to deliver the Sumburgh Radar within the timescale, the ATMS Programme are currently running an external recruitment campaign with a view to attracting qualified Radar Approach Control (APS), Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) to supplement existing ATCO compliment.

Q. Where are staff coming from to support introduction?
A. We are currently running an external recruitment campaign for qualified APS ATCOs who will supplement our existing ATCOs and support the introduction of the Sumburgh radar in house.

Q. Where are the instructors coming from?
A. We will be recruiting a number of On-the-Job Training Instructors (OJTIs) and will discuss how this will be provided with the regulator.

Q. Has this been discussed with the regulator?
A. The regulator has confirmed they will view the new Sumburgh radar as a greenfield site. (This is a different assessment requirement for approval).

Q. Will the new CSC be ready to deliver this service by 2021? Will it be sited in the contingency centre first?
A. The CSC will be available within the timeframe to allow a temporary radar room operation to go ahead. The completion of the full Operations (OPS) room will follow in early 2022.

Q. Has Scatsta been considered as part of the programme?
A. Scatsta is not within the scope of the programme.