Some questions are asked more commonly than others, and we have tried to answer a lot of those questions for you here.

Q. What are check-in times?
A. Recommended check-in times are:

  • Domestic Flights – one hour in advance of departure
  • International Flights – two hours in advance of departure

Check-in usually closes 40 minutes before scheduled departure time.

Q. How much is car parking?
A. Please visit the airport information page for the airport you are travelling from for the latest
information – car parking is available at all HIAL airports.

Q. Is there a bus service from each airport into the local town centre?
A. Yes, there is a local bus service from each local airport; details are shown within the airport information pages for each airport.

Q. I am disabled, is there wheelchair access at every airport and how will I board the plane I am travelling on?
A. Every HIAL airport is on ground level and all areas are accessible by wheelchair. Each one has disabled facilities and wheelchairs available, to take you from the terminal building to the aeroplane. HIAL recommends you contact your airline well in advance if you need special assistance. Please see the links on the airport information pages to each airline from the airports you are departing from.

Q. What can I take in my hand luggage?
A. Check the weight and size of your hand luggage in line with your airline’s guidelines and within their confirmation details for your flight. A full list of items that can be carried on and items that cannot are available on our website on the airport information pages for each of our airports.

Q. Once we have checked-in, can we leave the terminal as we live close by?
A. For security reasons, you must stay in the terminal once you have checked-in.

Q. How can I find out if a flight is delayed?
A. To find out if a flight is delayed, please view our flight information on the home page of each of our airport sites.

Q. Is there a visitor waiting area in each airport terminal?
A. At all HIAL airports there is a drop off and pick up zone, disabled parking bays, and within the airport terminal, cafe facilities and seating for those waiting to meet arriving/departing passengers.

Q. Can I get a taxi or arrange for a hire car at each airport?
A. Each HIAL airport has a local taxi service available;  local car hire can be arranged at most airports either prior to your arrival or once you have landed. Please see the relevant airport information page for local contact details and more information.

Q. Are there any job vacancies at any of the HIAL airports?
A. For the latest information on all job vacancies within the HIAL Group, please visit the careers section of the HIAL website.