Flying from Sumburgh

Ensuring our passenger’s safety is our utmost priority – below is a list of important considerations to keep in mind when travelling from the Airport:

Do I need to arrive at the airport earlier than normal to allow more time?

Given the additional measures in place, please allow plenty of time to ensure you can pass through the airport in time for your departure. Please ensure that you check in online and download/print your boarding pass before arrival where possible.

Will I be able to travel if I am feeling unwell before my flight?

You should not travel to the airport if you are feeling unwell and have any symptoms of Coronavirus, including high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

What safety measures must I adhere to at the airport?

We are rigorously following Health Protection Scotland and European Aviation Safety Agency guidelines to help us ensure our airports are as safe as possible.

You will see staff wearing more personal protective equipment (PPE) than normal, including face masks and gloves where required.   Screens have been installed and physical (social) distancing measures are in place with sanitiser stations in key locations across the airport.

Our cleaning regimes have been made even more thorough, with more frequent cleaning carried out across the airport and a focus on frequent-touch areas, including trays.

You will be asked to use the supplied sanitiser on your hands and to sanitise your airport baggage trolley on arrival.

You will also be asked to observe 2 metre physical (social) distancing and directional guidelines throughout the airport at all times.

Will someone direct me when I arrive at the airport?

You will be met by a customer service representative or airline representative at the entrance to the terminal. They will explain the processes to be followed as you move through the terminal.

Do I need to wear a face covering within the terminal?

Yes, in line with current guidance you will be required to wear a face covering from the moment you enter the terminal building until you depart the destination airport at the end of your journey.

Do children have to wear face coverings?

Currently, children under 5 years old do not have to wear a face covering on entry to the terminal building. However, airline rules may differ and they may be required to wear a face covering on the aircraft. You should check with your airline before travelling.

Do I need to provide my own face covering?

Yes, you should ensure you arrive at the airport with a face covering. At all HIAL airports face masks are available primarily for our staff and therefore availability for passengers cannot be guaranteed.

Will I be able to travel without a face covering?

If you do not have a face covering when arriving at the airport, and we are unable to provide you with one, you may not be able to travel.

Do I require to wear a face covering if I have a health or medical condition?

The current UK government guidance states that those who have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability that means they are unable to put on, wear or remove a face covering will not be required to wear a face covering.   You should contact your GP for guidance and advice on wearing or not wearing a face covering and make a member of our airport team aware of this on arrival.

Will I be required to undergo a temperature check?

No, the advice from the UK and Scottish governments, and Health Protection Scotland, is that temperature checks are not currently required at our airports.

Am I allowed into the terminal building if I am not flying?

Only passengers and airport staff are allowed in the terminal building.  Persons in need of special assistance and unaccompanied minors are the only exceptions to this requirement.  If you need to assist someone you should inform the member of staff on entry to the terminal building.

Anyone assisting a passenger will be required to wear a face covering whilst in the airport.

We appreciate that the winter weather might make waiting outside difficult, so we recommend that when picking up a passenger that you remain in your vehicle in the main car park or come to the pick up/drop off area as your passenger arrives.

Can I take hand sanitiser gel and anti-bacterial wipes through airport security in my hand luggage?

Yes, you can take hand sanitiser gel through airport security with your hand luggage, as long as the bottle size is under 100ml, and it is in a sealed, clear plastic bag with your other liquids. Anti-bacterial wipes are not considered liquids and do not need to be put into your liquids bag.

If I require special assistance, will this still be available?

Yes. Please contact Loganair 0344 8002855 or email

Will the Sumburgh Airport café be open?

At the moment, Café Volare is open Monday to Friday 0700hours through to 1600hrs but unfortunately is not open at weekends. Shetland Made is currently closed.

Drinking water is available in the departure lounge and main terminal concourse.

Are the toilet and washroom facilities open in the terminal building?

There will still be toilet facilities available within all areas of the terminal building; however, the capacity in some areas may be reduced to comply with social distancing.

Will I still be able to use the car park?

The car park will be available for passengers to use and remains free for the first two hours.

Will car hire companies offering a meet and greet service be inside the terminal building?

No, access to our terminal is for travelling passengers only. Car hire and taxi provision will now be located outside the front door unless special assistance is requested.

I am a blue badge holder, if the shop is shut how do I get my ticket validated for free parking?

If you need your ticket validated, please go to the carpark point in the security area in departures.

I am aware of construction works in the terminal building, are there any changes I need to be aware of?

Yes, the departure area has changed location. Please follow the floor markings to the new security search area. Members of our team will be available should you need help.

Flying from Sumburgh – Printable PDF to keep handy when flying from Sumburgh Airport