We are obviously disappointed that our latest offer has been overwhelmingly rejected by Air Traffic Control Officers, despite enhancing our formal offer following last-minute discussions with Prospect.

As a result, the work to rule will be reinstated from 00.01 on 29 June. At this stage we are not aware of any further proposals for strike action but will post an update as soon as we receive information from Prospect.

It is unfortunate that the industrial action has been reinstated during the peak holiday period and would like to apologise in advance to our passengers, customers and local communities for the disruption this will inevitably cause.

Throughout this process, the government has been clear that the pay remit for 2018/19 could not be reopened, however they permitted HIAL to develop a retention allowance in a bid to resolve the dispute.

Prospect received a formal proposal from the company on 3 June 2019, and following further discussion the offer, based on a retention allowance, was enhanced and Prospect agreed to ballot their members. At the same time, they also agreed to suspend all industrial action, including the work to rule, pending the outcome.

The offer was made within the parameters of the Scottish public pay policy in a bid to resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of both parties. We have encouraged Prospect to meet and discuss an alternative solution within the flexibilities afforded to the company.

We remain committed to resolving this dispute and a meeting with Prospect will take place on Thursday 4 July.