Ending homelessness in Scotland

We have a team of 5 HIAL staff who will be taking on the challenge of sleeping outside in Dundee on 8 December 2018.

Derrick Lang and Andrew Lindsay will be representing Dundee Airport, Darren MacLeod will be there from Head Office, and Karleigh Ross and Christy Ross from Wick John O’Groats Airport will also be taking part.  The team need to raise £3,000 for this.

Social Bite’s aim is to eradicate homeless across Scotland.  The Sleep in the Park 2018 event is taking part across four cities but awareness, policy change and the effects will be felt across all of Scotland.

Last year 8,000 people joined the world’s largest sleep out in Edinburgh to raise £4 million and call for an end to homelessness in Scotland. This has caused a sea change in the fight against homelessness and funded a raft of major projects.

Please donate to show your support for this fantastic cause. Thank you!