Making Connections: Your airports – Your say

In an ever-more connected world, it is crucial that Scotland does all it can to ensure the people, communities and businesses in the Highlands and Islands and Tayside are as well-connected as possible.

As well as enabling vital lifeline services to the communities they serve, our airports help deliver both social and economic benefits – bringing visitors and business, as well as creating local employment.

We would like to invite you to engage with us on HIAL’s strategy for the future, and to provide an opportunity to hear your views on how we can help shape the Scottish Government’s wider strategy for aviation. 

Please take the time to read our full consultation document: Making Connections – Engagement on HIAL’s Strategy 2019 -2025.

You can also read A network business risk and resilience study for Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd which includes input from Cranfield University. In December 2016, the then Minister for Transport tasked HIAL with progressing work on ‘Preparations for an Intra-Scotland Air Services Review Scoping Exercise’. Following a significant amount of work, the above paper was produced, and we share this with you here for your information and to stimulate discussion.

Please complete our survey by 7 June 2019.