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Changes to security procedures on 1 June 2024

New regulations come into effect on 1 June 2024 which require UK airports to upgrade their X ray screening equipment for hand baggage to enhance the security experience for passengers.

From this date, passengers will be able to:

  • Bring liquids in containers of up to 2 litres in hand baggage.
    • Passengers should note that all liquids will need to be removed from hand baggage and liquid containers of 100ml or less should be placed in plastic bags measuring 20cm by 20cm in trays for screening.
  • Leave all electronic devices in their hand baggage for screening.

Body scanners will be used to screen passengers. Passengers are able to request an alternative search method.

Security requirements will vary depending on the equipment used and passengers should check the guidance for each airport through which they will travel on their journey after this date.

We advise that passengers check the security procedures for all airports they will be travelling through in advance of journeys.

As everyone gets used to the new security procedures, please allow extra time to pass through security. 

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Adverse Weather

Please see our airport Facebook page for updates or check with your airline.

Be prepared for jaw-dropping views of the Outer Hebrides and the Atlantic Ocean when you fly in to Benbecula Airport.

Gaelic for the island of the fords, Benbecula it is the flattest island in the Outer Hebrides and its airport has a long military history, having been built during World War II.

As the so-called island between the islands of North and South Uist to which it is connected by road causeways, it is the perfect stepping stone between both.

It operates services to Stornoway, Inverness and Glasgow airports.

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A hub for the Southern Isles, the small low-lying island is blessed with beautiful beaches and the machair typical of the Hebrides. From quirky tree houses to quaint thatched cottages, visitors can find some unusual places to stay.  Find out more at