Security Search FAQs: What to expect at Benbecula Airport

What happens when going through the Body Scanner?

Once the body scanner has been prepared, you will be asked to make your way through to stand on the footprints located on the floor in the centre of the body scanner. Our security operatives will then ask you to raise your arms away from your body and complete a full turn on the spot, bringing yourself to face the security operative again.

The body scanner will conduct a scan of your body and highlight any dense areas to our security operatives by placing a yellow box on a generic figure. If a yellow box appears one of our security operatives will conduct a targeted hand search to identify the reason the body scanner has alarmed. If there are no yellow boxes, you will be clear to move through to departures without the need to be searched by hand.

Security body scanners are widely used across UK airports to screen passengers. Our body scanner uses Automatic Threat Recognition software which ensures no images of the passenger’s body are created or stored to protect their privacy. The body scanner electronically processes the data and displays any areas that require to be searched on the same generic figure for every passenger. Randomly selected passengers and staff going through security will be processed by the body scanner. You can opt out of being screened using the body scanner, however you would be required to undergo an alternative screening method.  

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