Runway Upgrade at Islay Airport

Rehabilitation work undertaken during 2023

HIAL made significant investment at Islay Airport for rehabilitation work to be undertaken on the runways during 2023. 

This work was essential for the long-term future of the airport, with a target to next resurface in 15 years with minimal maintenance required.  

The project lasted around 10 weeks during early summer 2023.  Construction was completed in August 2023, with the demobilisation of the site and removal of plant after that.  

The final activity took place in January 2024 when the public road to the beach was repaired.

The contractor carried out some community work repairing a carpark at Ionad Chaluim Chille Ile (Islay Gaelic Centre) prior to leaving the island, using some left over materials from the project.  Furthermore, planings from the runway are being used by Argyll and Bute Council on the roads network.

Thank you to our Airport Manager, Niall Colthart, for the image below:

Thank you to our contractors, Breedons, for the images below: