HIAL partners with Nature Scot's Species on the Edge and RSPB to protect Little Terns at Islay Airport

HIAL is proud to announce its collaboration with Nature Scot’s Species on the Edge and the RSPB to establish a safe nesting habitat for the endangered Little Tern bird at Islay Airport.

Recognising the critical decline in Little Tern populations, particularly in the Argyll and Bute region, this partnership underscores HIAL’s commitment to environmental stewardship. By repurposing an unused section of the airport’s runway, and utilising local beach materials and aggregates, the team aimed to provide a secure and disturbance-free breeding ground for these sensitive seabirds.  

This initiative, supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, not only highlights the collective effort needed to protect Scotland’s most at-risk coastal species but also strengthens community engagement and conservation efforts in the region. 

Read the full press release on Nature Scot’s website: Islay Airport creates safe landing zone for Little Terns | NatureScot  

Published: 4th July 2024