Welcome to Kirkwall - the gateway for the Orkney Islands

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
BE293120th Sep 07:35Aberdeen
LM76220th Sep 07:55Inverness
LM70020th Sep 08:22North Ronaldsay
LM130BA402920th Sep 08:55Sumburgh
LM71320th Sep 09:21Stronsay
LM032BA403220th Sep 09:50Aberdeen
LM71420th Sep 10:24Westray
LM391BA406120th Sep 10:35Edinburgh
LM131BA403920th Sep 11:20Inverness
BE293520th Sep 13:20Aberdeen
LM71520th Sep 14:30North Ronaldsay
LM397BA406720th Sep 14:45Edinburgh
LM246BA410620th Sep 14:55Glasgow
LM71620th Sep 15:12Eday
LM138BA408920th Sep 15:30Sumburgh
LM75720th Sep 16:05Sumburgh
LM71020th Sep 16:11Sanday
LM036BA403620th Sep 16:40Aberdeen
LM71120th Sep 17:14Papa Westray
LM139BA409920th Sep 18:00Inverness
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LM031BA403120th Sep 07:30AberdeenCheck in opens at 06:30
LM70020th Sep 07:35North RonaldsayCheck-in inter island desk
LM390BA406020th Sep 07:40EdinburghCheck in opens at 06:30
BE293220th Sep 08:05AberdeenCheck in opens at 07:05
LM71320th Sep 08:40StronsayCheck-in inter island desk
LM130BA402920th Sep 09:15InvernessCheck in opens at 08:15
LM71420th Sep 09:40WestrayCheck-in inter island desk
LM033BA403320th Sep 10:30AberdeenCheck in opens at 09:30
LM392BA406220th Sep 11:05EdinburghCheck in opens at 09:30
LM131BA403920th Sep 11:40SumburghCheck in opens at 09:30
LM71520th Sep 13:35North RonaldsayCheck-in inter island desk
LM71620th Sep 14:45EdayCheck-in inter island desk
BE293620th Sep 15:10AberdeenCheck in opens at 14:10
LM249BA400120th Sep 15:25GlasgowCheck in opens at 14:25
LM71020th Sep 15:30SandayCheck-in inter island desk
LM138BA408920th Sep 15:50InvernessCheck in opens at 14:25
LM398BA406820th Sep 16:00EdinburghCheck in opens at 14:25
LM71120th Sep 16:30Papa WestrayCheck-in inter island desk
LM037BA403720th Sep 17:10AberdeenCheck in opens at 16:10
LM70720th Sep 17:30North RonaldsayCheck-in inter island desk