Welcome to Kirkwall - the gateway for the Orkney Islands

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LM76228th Feb 07:55InvernessLanded at 07:50
LOG32128th Feb 08:16North RonaldsayLanded at 08:13
BE693028th Feb 08:20SumburghLanded at 08:06
LOG32228th Feb 09:11StronsayLanded at 09:13
BE683228th Feb 10:10AberdeenDelayedExpected at 11:45
LOG32328th Feb 10:14WestrayLanded at 10:11
BE689128th Feb 10:50EdinburghExpected at 10:45
BE693128th Feb 10:55InvernessExpected at 10:35
LOG32428th Feb 11:24Papa Westray
BE691528th Feb 11:40Glasgow
BE693828th Feb 15:55Sumburgh
LM75728th Feb 16:00Sumburgh
LOG32728th Feb 16:11Sanday
BE683628th Feb 16:50Aberdeen
LOG32828th Feb 17:14Papa Westray
LOG32928th Feb 18:11North Ronaldsay
BE693928th Feb 18:15Inverness
BE689928th Feb 19:05Edinburgh
BE683828th Feb 19:35Aberdeen
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LOG32128th Feb 07:35North RonaldsayDeparted at 07:37
BE689028th Feb 07:45EdinburghDeparted at 07:46
BE683128th Feb 07:55AberdeenDeparted at 07:58
LOG32228th Feb 08:30StronsayDeparted at 08:32
BE693028th Feb 08:45InvernessDeparted at 08:36
LOG32328th Feb 09:30WestrayDeparted at 09:32
LOG32428th Feb 10:30Papa WestrayCheck-in inter island desk
BE683328th Feb 10:40AberdeenCheck-In OpenEstimated Departure 12:30
BE693128th Feb 11:20SumburghCheck-In Open
BE691428th Feb 12:10GlasgowCheck-In Open
LOG32728th Feb 15:30SandayCheck-in inter island desk
BE689828th Feb 16:10EdinburghCheck in opens at 15.00
BE693828th Feb 16:20InvernessCheck in opens at 15.00
LOG32828th Feb 16:30Papa WestrayCheck-in inter island desk
BE683728th Feb 17:20AberdeenCheck in opens at 16.15
LOG32928th Feb 17:30North RonaldsayCheck-in inter island desk
BE693928th Feb 18:40SumburghCheck in opens at 17.30