Welcome to Kirkwall - the gateway for the Orkney Islands

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LOG3569th Dec 14:54Papa WestrayLanded at 14:46
BE68979th Dec 15:30EdinburghLanded at 15:02
BDI17K9th Dec 15:30Sumburgh
LOG3579th Dec 15:44Papa WestrayLanded at 15:46
LOG3589th Dec 15:51SandayLanded at 15:46
BE68369th Dec 16:50AberdeenLanded at 16:33
LOG3599th Dec 17:41North RonaldsayLanded at 14:40
BE69399th Dec 18:05Inverness
BE68999th Dec 19:05Edinburgh
BE68389th Dec 19:35Aberdeen
BDI18M10th Dec 07:55Inverness
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
BE68359th Dec 14:25AberdeenDeparted at 14:23
LOG3579th Dec 15:00Papa WestrayDeparted at 15:03
LOG3589th Dec 15:10SandayDeparted at 15:10
BE68989th Dec 16:00EdinburghDeparted at 15:52
BE68379th Dec 17:20AberdeenDeparted at 17:13
BE69399th Dec 18:30SumburghCheck in opens at 17.30
BE68949th Dec 19:35EdinburghCheck in opens at 18.30