Kirkwall Airport

Arrivals & Departures

Flight No.ScheduledFromStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM73026th November 14:56North Ronaldsay
LM03626th November 15:40AberdeenCancelled
LM70526th November 15:46Westray
LM70626th November 15:51Stronsay
LM70726th November 16:51North Ronaldsay
LM39926th November 18:25EdinburghCancelled
LM03826th November 18:30AberdeenCancelled
LM70227th November 09:11Papa Westray
LM39127th November 09:35Edinburgh
LM71927th November 10:11North Ronaldsay
LM43227th November 10:30Glasgow
LM03227th November 10:55Aberdeen
LM72027th November 11:11Stronsay
LM72127th November 16:06North Ronaldsay
Flight No.ScheduledToStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM73026th November 14:00Papa WestrayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM70526th November 15:00Papa WestrayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM70626th November 15:10SandayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM03726th November 16:10AberdeenCHECK WITH AIRLINE
LM70726th November 16:10North RonaldsayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM39426th November 18:55EdinburghCHECK WITH AIRLINE
LM03526th November 19:00AberdeenCHECK WITH AIRLINE
LM70227th November 08:25WestrayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM71927th November 09:30North RonaldsayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM39227th November 10:05EdinburghCHECK IN OPENS AT 0905
LM72027th November 10:30SandayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM43327th November 11:00GlasgowCHECK IN OPENS AT
LM03327th November 11:25Aberdeen
LM72127th November 15:10Papa WestrayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK

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Kirkwall Airport

Air Traffic Management Strategy

HIAL’s overriding priority is, and will continue to be, the delivery of safe and secure air navigation services. To do that we require a long-term, sustainable solution to address underlying structural air traffic control issues, as well as staff retention and recruitment challenges across many locations.
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