Aeronautical Ground Lighting Upgrade at Kirkwall Airport

HIAL are replacing the aged AGL system for Kirkwall Airport’s runway. The AGL system is the runway lighting that acts as visual guidance for approaching aircraft. 

This is essential CAA regulated maintenance work that will also benefit from cost and energy savings from the new LED lighting replacements. The replacement AGL LED lights are critical to the ongoing safe operations of the airport.

The AGL system will be replaced for both the airport’s two runways. There will also be an introduction of a ‘ring of red’ lighting for Runway 09/27, to help prevent runway incursions. All associated cabling, foundations and structures will also be upgraded.

The project has been organised in a way that will not impact on any of the usual operations of the airport.

The project is intended to start in April 2024 and it is anticipated that it will finish in October 2024. The contract to complete the work has been awarded to GMR Hendersons following a procurement process.