Welcome to Stornoway airport - gateway to the Western Isles

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Following a productive meeting with Prospect on Tuesday 9 April, Prospect have agreed to suspend the strike action on 26 April 2019 to allow further discussions.  The current ‘work to rule’ will continue.  All updates are posted here.

Please accept our apologies that from Monday 25 March 2019, we do not have a cafe service onsite and will be offering a limited range of refreshments.  We are working to get the cafe re-opened as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience.

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LM10223rd Apr 09:25BenbeculaLanded 09:19
LM15123rd Apr 09:30InvernessLanded 09:13
LM34123rd Apr 10:45EdinburghLanded 10:26
LM47223rd Apr 11:25GlasgowLanded 11:22
LM15523rd Apr 14:45Inverness
LM34723rd Apr 15:45Edinburgh
LM47623rd Apr 16:05Glasgow
LM15623rd Apr 16:40Benbecula
LM15723rd Apr 19:00Inverness
LM47823rd Apr 19:05Glasgow
LM47024th Apr 07:55Glasgow
LM10224th Apr 09:25Benbecula
LM15124th Apr 09:30Inverness
LM34124th Apr 10:45Edinburgh
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LM47123rd Apr 08:25GlasgowDeparted at 08:33
LM10323rd Apr 09:55BenbeculaDeparted at 09:53
LM15423rd Apr 10:00InvernessDeparted at 09:58
LM34223rd Apr 11:15EdinburghDeparted at 10:59
LM47323rd Apr 11:55GlasgowDeparted at 12:15
LM15523rd Apr 15:05Benbecula
LM34823rd Apr 16:15Edinburgh
LM47723rd Apr 16:35Glasgow
LM15623rd Apr 17:00Inverness
LM47923rd Apr 19:35Glasgow
LM15224th Apr 07:35Inverness
LM47124th Apr 08:25Glasgow
LM10324th Apr 09:55Benbecula
LM15424th Apr 10:00Inverness
LM34224th Apr 11:15Edinburgh