Welcome to Stornoway airport - gateway to the Western Isles

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LM15121st Feb 07:45Inverness
LM47021st Feb 08:00Glasgow
LM34121st Feb 09:15Edinburgh
LM10221st Feb 09:25Benbecula
LM47221st Feb 12:00Glasgow
LM15521st Feb 14:45Inverness
LM47621st Feb 15:55Glasgow
LM15621st Feb 16:40Benbecula
LM34721st Feb 17:20Edinburgh
LM47821st Feb 19:00Glasgow
LM15721st Feb 19:05Inverness
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LM15221st Feb 08:15Inverness
LM47121st Feb 08:30Glasgow
LM34221st Feb 09:45Edinburgh
LM10321st Feb 09:55Benbecula
LM47321st Feb 12:30Glasgow
LM15521st Feb 15:05Benbecula
LM47721st Feb 16:30Glasgow
LM15621st Feb 17:00Inverness
LM34821st Feb 17:50Edinburgh
LM47921st Feb 19:30Glasgow
LM15821st Feb 19:35Inverness