Welcome to Stornoway airport - gateway to the Western Isles

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
BE695526th Oct 14:25InvernessLanded at 14:20Air Laighe 14:20
BE682626th Oct 15:00GlasgowLanded at 14:41Air Laighe 14:41
LOG77926th Oct 15:50MailLanded at 15:25Air Laighe 15:25
BE695626th Oct 16:40BenbeculaAs scheduled
BE694726th Oct 18:05EdinburghAs scheduled
BE682826th Oct 18:50GlasgowAs scheduled
BE695726th Oct 19:00InvernessAs scheduled
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
BE695526th Oct 14:50BenbeculaDeparted at 14:48Air Falbh 14:48
BE682726th Oct 15:30GlasgowDeparted at 15:29Air Falbh 15:29
LOG77926th Oct 16:15MailDeparted at 15:58Air Falbh 15:58
BE695626th Oct 17:05InvernessCheck-In Desk 1,2Deasc-Siubhail 1,2
BE694826th Oct 18:35EdinburghCheck in opens at 1730
BE682926th Oct 19:20GlasgowCheck in opens at 1730
BE695826th Oct 19:30InvernessCheck in opens at 1730