Security Search FAQs: What to expect at Dundee Airport

What does a cabin bag search comprise of?

If the security operative is looking for a prohibited item(s) they will conduct a full search of the contents of your bag and the bag itself. This will be a methodical hand search undertaken by a security operative who will examine all items in your bag, which will include clothing, laundry items, toiletry bags and any other contents, bags or containers.   

Any prohibited items found will be removed and confiscated.  If you have someone in the terminal building who could take the item for you, you may leave the security cordon to pass it to them. You will then re-join the end of the queue. Police Scotland may be contacted to assist with the prohibited or dangerous item.

If your bag has been selected due to a restricted item being present, this item will be removed from the bag. Both the item and your bag will then be rescreened separately by the X-ray equipment.

If your bag has been selected for a random screening, the security operative will take a sample using a paper swab, which is used to detect prohibited chemical substances. The swab will be run along the inside of your bag and items that it contains. In addition, the security operative may take a random sample test of any liquids 100ml or under, or complete visual checks of containers holding powders, such as perfume, baby milk, coffee and talc. 

If your liquids are randomly selected for testing, this will involve the security operative selecting an appropriate liquid container and testing its contents.

Any items tested that deliver a positive result will be retested, if it produces a positive result again it will be confiscated.

Random checks are part of the regular testing that we must carry out to meet specific UK regulatory requirements. These requirements are the same at every UK airport. However, the equipment in place at our airport may vary from other airports. The equipment and different types of security checks in place at our airport meet the regulatory requirement for an airport of our size. 

Guidelines for restricted and banned items within hold baggage can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority website - Guidelines for checked in and carry on bags | Civil Aviation Authority ( 

Changes to security procedures on 1 June 2024

Due to changes in regulations, from 1 June 2024, passengers will be able to:

  • Bring liquids in containers of up to 2 litres in hand baggage.
    • Passengers should note that all liquids will need to be removed from hand baggage and liquid containers of 100ml or less should be placed in a plastic bag measuring 20cm by 20cm in trays for screening.

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