Security procedures at our airports are changing

New regulations come into effect on 1 June 2024 which require UK airports to upgrade their x-ray screening equipment for hand baggage to enhance the security experience for passengers.

From this date, passengers travelling though HIAL airports will be able to:

  • Bring liquids in containers of up to 2 litres in hand baggage. Liquids will need to be removed from hand baggage and bottles of 100ml or less should be placed in plastic bags measuring 20cm by 20cm in trays for screening.
  • Leave all electronic devices in their hand baggage for screening.

Body scanners will be used to screen passengers at the following airports:

  • Benbecula
  • Inverness
  • Islay
  • Kirkwall
  • Stornoway
  • Sumburgh

Passengers are able to request an alternative search method.

What will stay the same?

Passengers will still be required to remove outer clothing, hoodies, heeled shoes and boots, belts, watches, empty pockets, and place items in trays for x-ray screening.

The limit of 5 litres (in containers of up to 2 litres) of alcohol of between 24-70% proof equivalent to 7 bottles per passenger remains in place.

How to make the security process smoother

Please bear with us while we introduce the new security procedures and we advise you to allow more time to pass through security for your flight.

Screening equipment will vary at UK airports, and we advise that you check the security procedures for all airports that you will be travelling through in advance of your journey.

For more information about security procedures at HIAL airports, please visit the relevant Airport Information page.