Welcome to Kirkwall - the gateway for the Orkney Islands

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LM72826th Jan 14:43North RonaldsayLanded 14:28
LM03626th Jan 15:30AberdeenLanded 15:22
LM13926th Jan 15:30InvernessLanded 15:31
LM72926th Jan 15:51WestrayLanded 15:46
LM39726th Jan 16:20EdinburghLanded 16:11
LM39926th Jan 19:10Edinburgh
LM03826th Jan 19:30Aberdeen
LM70027th Jan 08:51Eday
LM70227th Jan 09:11Papa Westray
LM03227th Jan 09:50Aberdeen
LM70327th Jan 09:51Sanday
LM39127th Jan 10:35Edinburgh
LM13027th Jan 10:40Sumburgh
LM70427th Jan 11:26Papa Westray
LM13127th Jan 14:05Inverness
LM43427th Jan 15:25Glasgow
LM70527th Jan 15:46Westray
LM70627th Jan 15:51Stronsay
LM03627th Jan 16:20Aberdeen
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LM39226th Jan 13:25EdinburghDeparted at 13:18
LM13826th Jan 13:30InvernessDeparted at 13:36
LM72826th Jan 13:45North RonaldsayDeparted at 13:51
LM72926th Jan 15:05Papa WestrayDeparted at 15:06
LM13926th Jan 15:50SumburghDeparted at 16:14
LM39826th Jan 16:00EdinburghDeparted at 15:56
LM03726th Jan 17:00AberdeenDeparted at 16:53
LM03127th Jan 07:30AberdeenCHECK IN OPENS AT 6:30
LM39027th Jan 07:40EdinburghCHECK IN OPENS AT 6:30
LM70027th Jan 08:00North RonaldsayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM70227th Jan 08:25WestrayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM70327th Jan 09:10StronsayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM03327th Jan 10:30AberdeenCHECK IN OPENS AT 9:00
LM70427th Jan 10:30North RonaldsayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM13027th Jan 11:00InvernessCHECK IN OPENS AT 9:30
LM43527th Jan 11:05GlasgowCHECK IN OPENS AT 9:35
LM13127th Jan 14:25SumburghCHECK IN OPENS AT 12:55
LM70527th Jan 15:00Papa WestrayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM39827th Jan 16:00EdinburghCHECK IN OPENS AT 14:30
LM70727th Jan 16:05North RonaldsayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK