We have introduced new measures to minimise risk to our passengers and staff at Kirkwall Airport.

Our airports have remained open to essential, lifeline services and emergency flights throughout the COVID-19 crisis, with key personnel on duty to ensure operations have been maintained during the lockdown.

Screens have been installed and physical distancing measures are in place with sanitiser stations in key locations throughout airports. Additionally, our enhanced cleaning regimes ensure that regular deep cleaning is carried regularly at our airport.

You will be required to wear a face covering at all times at the airport and follow our social distancing requirements. We are limiting the number of passengers within the terminal building and only travelling passengers will be allowed in the terminal. If you need to accompany someone into the terminal, please contact a member of staff upon entry.

A member of the HIAL team will meet passengers on arrival to help guide you through the new procedures.

We have produced Q&As to provide you with all you need to know when travelling through our airport.

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LM03224th Sep 10:50AberdeenLanded 10:34
LM43224th Sep 12:05GlasgowLanded 11:48
LM13024th Sep 12:25SumburghLanded 12:15
LM71724th Sep 15:16Papa Westray
LM03624th Sep 16:00AberdeenDue at 15:57
LM71024th Sep 16:11Stronsay
LM71124th Sep 17:16Westray
LM39724th Sep 18:05Sumburgh
LM70724th Sep 18:11North Ronaldsay
LM70125th Sep 08:16North Ronaldsay
LM35125th Sep 08:40Edinburgh
LM70825th Sep 09:11Sanday
LM13125th Sep 10:15Inverness
LM70925th Sep 10:16Papa Westray
LM03225th Sep 10:50Aberdeen
LM43225th Sep 10:50Glasgow
LM13025th Sep 12:25Sumburgh
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LM13124th Sep 10:35SumburghDeparted at 10:42
LM03324th Sep 11:30AberdeenDeparted at 11:27
LM43324th Sep 12:35GlasgowDeparted at 12:29
LM13024th Sep 12:45InvernessDeparted at 12:47
LM71724th Sep 14:20North RonaldsayDeparted at 14:19
LM03724th Sep 16:30AberdeenCHECK IN OPENS AT 1530
LM71124th Sep 16:30Papa WestrayCHECK IN AT INTER ISLAND DESK
LM70724th Sep 17:30North RonaldsayCHECK IN AT INTER ISLAND DESK
LM39724th Sep 18:30EdinburghCHECK IN OPENS AT 1730
LM70125th Sep 07:35North RonaldsayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM70825th Sep 08:30StronsayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM35125th Sep 09:05SumburghCHECK IN OPENS AT 08:05
LM70925th Sep 09:30WestrayCHECK IN INTER ISLAND DESK
LM13125th Sep 10:35SumburghCHECK IN OPENS AT 09:35
LM43325th Sep 11:25GlasgowCHECK IN OPENS AT 10:25
LM03325th Sep 11:30AberdeenCHECK IN OPENS AT 10:30
LM13025th Sep 12:45InvernessCHECK IN OPENS AT 11:45