Security Search FAQs: What to expect at Stornoway Airport

What will happen if the body scanner highlights an issue?

If the body scanner highlights a potential concealed object, one of our security operatives will need to carry out a further search. You will be asked to make sure you have emptied all your pockets and remove your footwear.

One of our highly trained security operatives will then proceed with a hand search, which involves a physical check by hand of all the items of clothing that you are wearing.  This will be completed in a methodical way but will take no longer than necessary.  If an item is found during a hand search it will be passed through the screening equipment again by one our security operatives.

A handheld metal detector will then be passed across all areas of the body and as close to the body as possible, which will be followed by a hand search to confirm the source of the metal for example underwire underwear. This will involve a security operative undertaking a physical check of the part of the body that is causing the detector to alarm.   

Our security operatives must go through a thorough protocol for a physical search and follow a specific check list, which meet specific UK regulatory requirements.  Our security operatives undergo regular and rigorous training in order to meet required standards.

This is to make sure that you are not carrying any prohibited or dangerous items on your person. 

If the source of the issue cannot be confirmed, you will be asked to identify what it is and undergo a private search by a member of our security team.  The search is undertaken to allow a member of our security team to visually identify the source. The search will be completed in private and you can request a Security Operative of the same sex. If you feel uncomfortable at any time you can ask to speak to the Duty Security Supervisor.  Please note that a Duty Security Supervisor may not be immediately available due to other responsibilities.  They will present themselves a soon as possible, and your patience is appreciated.

You have the right to refuse a private search.  If you do refuse to undergo a private search you will not be allowed to pass through to the departure lounge and will be asked to return to the check-in desk and advise airline staff that you will not be travelling.

We must follow this process to make sure no dangerous or prohibited items are taken into the departure lounge and/or onto an aircraft.