Security Search FAQs: What to expect at Stornoway Airport

What items are considered prohibited or restricted items in cabin baggage?

  • Liquids, pastes, aerosols, and gels are permitted in containers of up to 2 litres. Any liquids in a container with a capacity of over 100ml must be placed in a clear, plastic bag for screening. 
  • Electronic items not presented separately in a tray out with your bag (e.g., laptops, tablets, hairdryers, straighteners, spare lithium batteries)
  • Objects with a sharp point or edge, such as axes, cleavers, ice picks, razor blades, box cutters, knives with blades more than 6cm, scissors with blades more than 6cm from fulcrum.
  • Workmen’s tools, including such as crowbars, drills and drill bits, power drills, tools with blade more than 6cm, saws, power saws, blowtorches, nail guns.
  • Blunt instruments, such as baseball bats, clubs, batons, fishing/game priests.
  • Firearms and other devices that discharge a projectile such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, air guns, toy guns, nerf guns/water pistols, imitation firearms, component parts of firearms, flares, starter pistols, bows, cross bows, arrows, sling shots and catapults.
  • Stunning devices, for example stun guns, tasers, animal stunners, mace, pepper spray, tear gas, animal repellent sprays.
  • Explosives and incendiary substances and devices.  This includes ammunition, blasting caps, detonators, replica grenades, fireworks, blue flame lighters, smoke generating cannisters, dynamite and plastic explosive.
  • Any other article capable of causing serious injury, for example martial arts equipment, swords, and sabres.

Guidelines for restricted and banned items within hold baggage can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority website - Guidelines for checked in and carry on bags | Civil Aviation Authority (