Sumburgh Airport

Arrivals & Departures

Flight No.ScheduledFromStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM07028th November 07:40AberdeenLanded at 07:36
LM86228th November 07:45AberdeenLanded at 07:48
LM90128th November 08:00AberdeenLanded at 08:05
EZE103528th November 08:22AberdeenLanded at 08:36
LM35328th November 08:45EdinburghLanded at 08:54
LM85828th November 10:00AberdeenLanded at 09:55
EZE103728th November 10:24AberdeenLanded at 10:26
LM90328th November 11:00AberdeenLanded at 11:33
ULR81A28th November 11:00Ninian CentralLanded at 11:53
BHL59D28th November 11:00MagnusLanded at 11:05
ULR82E28th November 11:05Tern ALanded at 11:55
LM86428th November 11:15AberdeenLanded at 11:26
BHL60A28th November 11:45ClairLanded at 11:03
LM13128th November 12:15InvernessLanded at 12:23
EZE103928th November 12:55AberdeenLanded at 12:51
BHL60B28th November 14:00Landed at 13:34
BHL59E28th November 14:15On Time
ULR81B28th November 14:15On Time
LM86628th November 14:15AberdeenOn Time
ULR82F28th November 14:20On Time
LM43728th November 14:30GlasgowOn Time
LM90528th November 14:30AberdeenOn Time
LM07828th November 15:30AberdeenOn Time
EZE104128th November 15:53AberdeenOn Time
BHL60C28th November 16:45On Time
BHL56A28th November 17:15On Time
LM86828th November 17:23AberdeenOn Time
ULR81C28th November 17:30On Time
LM90728th November 17:32AberdeenOn Time
LM35728th November 17:45EdinburghOn Time
EZE104328th November 18:07AberdeenOn Time
LM07928th November 18:59AberdeenOn Time
BHL60D28th November 19:30On Time
BHL58C28th November 19:45On Time
Flight No.ScheduledToStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM07128th November 08:15AberdeenDeparted at 08:17
LM86328th November 08:15AberdeenDeparted at 08:46
BHL59D28th November 08:30MagnusDeparted at 08:42
LM90228th November 08:30AberdeenDeparted at 08:48
ULR81A28th November 08:45Ninian CentralDeparted at 09:50
ULR82E28th November 08:50Tern ADeparted at 09:42
BHL60A28th November 09:15Clair RidgeDeparted at 09:24
LM35228th November 09:15EdinburghDeparted at 09:30
EZE103628th November 09:15AberdeenDeparted at 09:18
LM86528th November 11:30AberdeenDeparted at 12:02
EZE103828th November 11:30AberdeenDeparted at 11:38
BHL60B28th November 11:30Departed at 11:42
BHL59E28th November 11:45MagnusDeparted at 11:34
LM90428th November 12:00AberdeenDeparted at 12:38
ULR81B28th November 12:00Ninian CentralDeparted at 12:24
ULR82F28th November 12:05North CormorantDeparted at 12:29
LM13028th November 12:50InvernessDeparted at 12:57
BHL60C28th November 14:15On Time
EZE104028th November 14:15AberdeenOn Time
LM85928th November 14:45AberdeenDeparted at 13:24
BHL56A28th November 14:45On Time
LM43628th November 15:00GlasgowOn Time
LM86728th November 15:15AberdeenOn Time
ULR81C28th November 15:15On Time
LM90628th November 16:00AberdeenOn Time
LM07928th November 16:05AberdeenOn Time
BHL60D28th November 17:00On Time
EZE104228th November 17:00AberdeenOn Time
BHL58C28th November 17:15On Time
LM86928th November 18:00AberdeenOn Time
LM35628th November 18:15EdinburghOn Time
LM90828th November 18:30AberdeenOn Time
EZE104428th November 19:00AberdeenOn Time
LM08128th November 19:45AberdeenOn Time

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