Sumburgh Airport

Arrivals & Departures

Flight No.ScheduledFromStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM13923rd January 16:45KirkwallLanded 16:07
LM43723rd January 16:45GlasgowLanded 16:39
LM35723rd January 17:55KirkwallLanded 18:00
LM08023rd January 18:20AberdeenLanded 18:10
LM07024th January 07:45Aberdeen
LM39124th January 08:20Edinburgh
LM13124th January 11:10Kirkwall
LM43724th January 12:05Glasgow
LM08024th January 18:20Aberdeen
LM35724th January 18:30Kirkwall
Flight No.ScheduledToStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM13823rd January 17:15KirkwallDeparted at 17:14
LM43623rd January 17:15GlasgowDeparted at 17:18
LM35823rd January 18:30KirkwallDeparted at 18:51
LM08123rd January 18:50AberdeenDeparted at 18:58
LM07124th January 08:25Aberdeen
LM39124th January 08:45Kirkwall
LM13024th January 11:50Kirkwall
LM43624th January 12:35Glasgow
LM35424th January 14:10Edinburgh
LM08124th January 18:50Aberdeen
LM35724th January 19:00Edinburgh

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Sumburgh Airport

Air Traffic Management Strategy

HIAL’s ATMS aims to provide a safe, modern, and resilient system that will future proof our airports. HIAL is engaged in discussions with Prospect to seek a mutually agreeable approach for the modernisation of air traffic services at its airports.
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