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Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
LM07020th Sep 07:35AberdeenLanded 07:36
EZE103520th Sep 07:45AberdeenLanded 07:40
LM86220th Sep 07:45AberdeenLanded 07:45
LM87020th Sep 08:45AberdeenLanded 10:23
LM35120th Sep 08:55EdinburghLanded 08:45
HKS38A20th Sep 09:58AberdeenLanded 10:02
EZE103720th Sep 10:15AberdeenLanded 10:11
LM07220th Sep 10:50AberdeenLanded 10:39
LM86420th Sep 11:00AberdeenLanded 10:51
LM13120th Sep 11:10KirkwallLanded 10:57
LM87220th Sep 12:00Aberdeen
LM07420th Sep 13:30Aberdeen
EZE103920th Sep 14:15Aberdeen
LM86620th Sep 14:15Aberdeen
LM43720th Sep 15:10Glasgow
LM35520th Sep 15:30Edinburgh
LM07820th Sep 16:35Aberdeen
LM86820th Sep 17:30Aberdeen
LM08020th Sep 19:25Aberdeen
LM35720th Sep 19:40Edinburgh
LM13920th Sep 19:50Kirkwall
LM07021st Sep 08:00Aberdeen
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
LM35220th Sep 07:40EdinburghDeparted at 07:48
LM43620th Sep 08:00GlasgowGO TO DEPARTURES
LM07120th Sep 08:15AberdeenDeparted at 08:17
LM86320th Sep 08:15AberdeenDeparted at 08:25
LM35020th Sep 09:25EdinburghDeparted at 09:29
EZE103620th Sep 11:15AberdeenDeparted at 10:48
LM07320th Sep 11:20AberdeenGo to departures
LM86520th Sep 11:30Aberdeen
LM13020th Sep 11:50Kirkwall
LM87320th Sep 12:45Aberdeen
LM07520th Sep 14:00Aberdeen
EZE103820th Sep 14:15Aberdeen
LM86720th Sep 14:45Aberdeen
LM13820th Sep 15:40Kirkwall
EZE104020th Sep 16:00Aberdeen
LM87520th Sep 16:00Aberdeen
LM35820th Sep 16:15Edinburgh
LM07920th Sep 17:05Aberdeen
LM86920th Sep 18:00Aberdeen
LM07121st Sep 07:30Aberdeen
LM43821st Sep 08:00Glasgow
LM52321st Sep 08:30Manchester