Airport Information for Sumburgh Airport


Car parking is free for the first two hours then £3 per 24 hours thereafter.  There are exemptions for inter-island and NHS passengers, as well as Blue Badge holders.

Blue Badge Holders

Blue Badge Holder Parking Validation Blue Badge holders are exempt from parking charges at Sumburgh Airport when using the car park to travel off the island.  When travelling, blue badge holders should present their badge to security in the main terminal building.  Security will note down the holder’s name, vehicle registration number, and expiry date and will retain these details on our blue badge register.

This means that any future visit will not require sight of the blue badge to enable a ticket validation.  Alternatively, if you have a mobile phone that can take photos, we will happily accept photographic proof of your blue badge entitlement and validate your ticket.  If your blue badge is registered with us then this facilitates you being able to take it with you to use on a vehicle on the mainland.  However, if your vehicle is parked in an accessibility bay then you must ensure you have given your details to security.  Otherwise, on return, your ticket may not qualify for validation.

Please note, Security can validate your ticket.  To exit the barriers, enter the validated ticket into the exit barrier machine with the barcode facing upwards.  Once the ticket is accepted the barrier should then open. Should there be any difficulty at the barrier, please press the intercom button and someone will be able to assist you.

Inter-Island Passengers

Free of charge parking is available at Sumburgh Airport for the use of Inter-Island travellers.  Inter-Isles residents wishing to use this facility should apply to Sumburgh Airport by completing, in full, the details requested within the form at the top right of this page and submitting to the address or email at the top of this page.  Please be advised that there is a 5 working day notice before data is captured on the database.