Cruise Boat

Welcome to Inverness - gateway to the Highlands

Flight No.ScheduledArriving fromStatus
BE695425th Jul 09:20StornowayLanded 09:08
BE83125th Jul 09:25BirminghamLanded 09:23
BE693025th Jul 09:30SumburghLanded 09:32
BE697225th Jul 10:15ManchesterLanded 10:01
KL092925th Jul 10:25AmsterdamLanded 10:09
EZY15325th Jul 11:00London LutonExpected 11:05
BA146825th Jul 11:30London HeathrowOn Time
BE33125th Jul 11:40Belfast City
EZY39325th Jul 13:25Bristol
BE696425th Jul 14:10Dublin
EZY86325th Jul 14:15London Gatwick
BE695825th Jul 16:45Stornoway
BE693425th Jul 16:50Sumburgh
Flight No.ScheduledDestinationStatus
BE83225th Jul 09:50BirminghamDeparted 10:05
BE693325th Jul 10:05SumburghDeparted 10:13
BE696325th Jul 10:45DublinDeparted 10:45
KL093025th Jul 11:00AmsterdamFlight Closed
EZY15425th Jul 11:30London LutonGo To Lounge
BE33225th Jul 12:05Belfast CityCheck In Desks 1-2
BA146925th Jul 12:10London HeathrowCheck In Desks 5-7
EZY39425th Jul 14:00BristolBag Drop Opens 12:00
BE697525th Jul 14:40ManchesterCheck In Opens 12:40
BE695725th Jul 14:50StornowayCheck In Opens 13:00
EZY86425th Jul 14:55London GatwickBag Drop Opens 12:55