Inverness Airport

Arrivals & Departures

Flight No.ScheduledFromStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM66426th June 10:05DublinLanded at 10:25
KL092326th June 10:10AmsterdamLanded at 10:10
EZY15326th June 11:10LutonLanded at 11:21
LM59226th June 13:40ManchesterOn time
EZY86326th June 14:10GatwickOn time
LM15426th June 14:30StornowayOn time
EZY39326th June 15:30BristolOn time
EZY86526th June 16:45GatwickOn time
LM58326th June 17:25BirminghamOn time
LM13826th June 19:00SumburghOn time
LM16226th June 20:25Belfast CityOn time
EZY15526th June 20:40LutonOn time
BA146626th June 21:00HeathrowOn time
EZY86726th June 21:25GatwickOn time
Flight No.ScheduledToStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM66326th June 07:00DublinDeparted at 07:01
EZY86226th June 07:00GatwickDeparted at 07:22
BA146726th June 07:00HeathrowDeparted at 07:28
LM59126th June 10:40ManchesterBoarding closed
KL092426th June 10:55AmsterdamBoarding closed
EZY15426th June 11:40LutonDelayed
LM15326th June 12:30StornowayOn time
LM58226th June 14:10BirminghamOn time
LM13926th June 15:00SumburghOn time
EZY86426th June 15:00GatwickOn time
EZY39426th June 16:05BristolOn time
EZY86626th June 17:25GatwickOn time
LM16126th June 17:55Belfast CityOn time
EZY15626th June 21:10LutonOn time

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Inverness Airport

Air Traffic Management Strategy

HIAL’s ATMS aims to provide a safe, modern, and resilient system that will future proof our airports. HIAL is engaged in discussions with Prospect to seek a mutually agreeable approach for the modernisation of air traffic services at its airports.
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