Inverness Airport

Arrivals & Departures

Flight No.ScheduledFromStatus
Flight No.    Information
EZY4153rd December 14:15BristolLanded 14:05
EZY8633rd December 15:15London GatwickLanded 15:13
LM5833rd December 17:20BirminghamLanded 17:13
BA14663rd December 17:30HeathrowLanded 18:12
LM1563rd December 18:50StornowayLanded 18:46
EZY8653rd December 20:35London GatwickLanded 20:16
LM5983rd December 20:50ManchesterLanded 21:11
EZY1534th December 09:20London Luton
LM5924th December 09:50Manchester
BA14684th December 10:40Heathrow
KL09294th December 12:45Amsterdam
EZY8634th December 13:55London Gatwick
EZY8654th December 20:35London Gatwick
Flight No.ScheduledToStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM5823rd December 14:00BirminghamDeparted at 14:15
EZY1563rd December 14:10London LutonDeparted at 14:26
EZY4163rd December 14:50BristolDeparted at 15:04
LM1553rd December 15:20StornowayDeparted at 15:26
EZY8643rd December 16:00London GatwickDeparted at 16:08
LM5973rd December 17:55ManchesterDeparted at 18:36
BA14673rd December 19:05HeathrowDeparted at 19:58
EZY8624th December 06:40London Gatwick
LM5914th December 06:40Manchester
EZY1544th December 09:50London Luton
BA14694th December 11:35Heathrow
KL09304th December 13:15Amsterdam
EZY8644th December 14:15London Gatwick

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Inverness Airport

Air Traffic Management Strategy

HIAL’s ATMS aims to provide a safe, modern, and resilient system that will future proof our airports. HIAL is engaged in discussions with Prospect to seek a mutually agreeable approach for the modernisation of air traffic services at its airports.
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