Sustainable Aviation Fuel available at Inverness Airport

HIAL is delighted to offer sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at Inverness Airport.

The cleaner fuel product is supplied by World Fuel Services as a 35% blend and is available to all flight operators at the airport. SAF is a synthetic form of jet fuel derived from sustainable sources, which is made up from recycled materials including used fats and oils. SAF is then blended with conventional Jet A1 aviation fuel and can be used in any aircraft or engine certified to operate with regular Jet A1 fuel.

HIAL’s ambition is to become a net zero regional airport group and is committed to a continuous supply of SAF at Inverness Airport, where there is an ongoing demand beyond previous supplies for one-off events or trials.

Although the technology to develop low and zero emission aircraft is progressing at pace, in the short-term, flying will remain Jet A1 fuel based. SAF can act as a bridge between current operations and these new technologies. Offering life cycle carbon reductions of around 70%, SAF plays a key role in the aviation sectors journey towards net zero.

HIAL has already made several steps towards understanding and reducing its carbon emissions and undertakes annual carbon footprint calculations. Initiatives already introduced across the group include solar powered passenger boarding ramps; 100% electric or hybrid Ground Power Units (GPUs). 

New optimised de-icing equipment as well as a replacement programme of traditional petrol cars with electric vehicles.  HIAL have replaced a number of large fire fighting appliances with smaller equivalents that provide 30% fuel savings and diesel consumption.

HIAL’s Managing director Inglis Lyon, said: “At HIAL we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. As an operator of 11 airports, it is important to work with aviation partners to decarbonise flights within Scotland and SAF will play a vital role to help meeting the Scottish Government's target to create the world's first net-zero aviation region by 2040.

“The offering at Inverness Airport takes us one step closer to meeting our sustainability goals. Making SAF available at Inverness will hopefully be a catalyst for its wider introduction across the Highlands and Islands providing those flying in and out of our airports a real the choice to support decarbonisation and sustainability goals."

Duncan Storey, Vice President, Supply Aviation Europe at World Fuel Services, said: “World Fuel Services is committed to the industry’s goal of reducing carbon emissions. Since 2015, we have delivered more than 39 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel to business and commercial aviation customers worldwide. Making sustainable aviation fuel available at Inverness furthers the adoption of cleaner fuels. World Fuel will continue investing in innovative solutions and expanding renewable and lower-emission fuels and energy offerings to help advance the industry on its path to net zero.”

Kevin Stewart, Minister for Transport, said: “While it’s important to have longer term targets to achieve net zero, it’s equally important to reduce emissions today where we can. The introduction of a continuous supply of sustainable aviation fuel at Inverness Airport will enable aircraft flying now to lower their emissions as we work to achieve full net zero.”

Published: 20th April 2023