Cancellation of JetsGo Holidays flight from Inverness to Palma, Mallorca, October 2, 2022

Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd (HIAL) can confirm the cancellation of JetsGo Holidays flight AEA412, due to depart from Inverness Airport to Palma, Mallorca on Sunday, October 2.

The charter airline (contracted by JetsGo Holidays) will not operate the flight to Palma due to a contractual dispute. 

Sunday’s inbound flight from Palma to Inverness is scheduled to operate as normal.

We continue to seek clarification from JetsGo but repeated attempts to contact the company today have been unsuccessful. At this stage, we are awaiting information regarding October 9 and October 16 departures, which now appear to be in considerable doubt.

This is a highly unusual and deeply regrettable situation that is not of HIAL’s, or Inverness Airport’s, making and we entirely sympathise with affected passengers. We will continue to seek information from JetsGo and trust that the company will contact its customers as a matter of urgency.

Published: 1st October 2022