Prospect and Unite members accept enhanced pay offer

Prospect and Unite balloted their members on an enhanced pay offer which was positively received by the trade unions.

The ballot closed on Monday 20 March, with members of both Prospect and Unite voting to accept the revised pay offer.

Inglis Lyon, Managing Director said: “We are pleased that the enhanced offer has been accepted by colleagues.

“The most recent offer exceeded the original flexibility of the Scottish Government pay policy, providing a 7% salary uplift for those earning £44,000 or less, a 5% uplift for those earning up to £80,000, with 4% over that salary level. 

“We are sorry that the industrial action and route suspensions have caused considerable disruption for passengers and our customers, particularly for those on our island communities who rely on our airports to support essential and lifeline services. 

“We also apologise for the significant impact the action has had on our airline partners.

“This positive result will provide our partner airlines with the certainty they require to plan air connectivity for their passengers.”

Published: 21st March 2023