HIAL Procurement Documents

Highlands and Islands Airports Limited Procurement Annual Report  - 2022-23

Aithisg Solarachaidh Bhliadhnail 2022/23

Annual Procurement Report 2021/22

Aithisg Solarachaidh Bhliadhnail 2021/22

Highlands and Islands Airports Limited Procurement Strategy - 2021-2026

Highlands and Islands Airports Limited Procurement Annual Report - 2020-2021

Highlands and Islands Airports Limited Contracts Register

Highlands and Islands Airports Limited Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Goods and Services

Further Procurement documents can be found in our document library.  

HIAL Procurement Practices

HIAL publishes tender and quotation opportunities on the Public Contracts Scotland website.  We encourage suppliers to register for free on this site.  It will give you access to a large number of high and low value public authority contract opportunities across Scotland, not just those within the Highlands & Islands area.  You can also view our profile on this site.

Values and promotion of tenders

As a public sector organisation, HIAL’s procurement activity is guided by legislation and best practice, with the route being determined by the potential total value of the contract as detailed below:

  • less than £50k – the principals of adequate competition apply;
  • greater than £50k but below the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) thresholds, most commonly advertised on the Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) portal;
  • OJEU and above (for supplies and services greater than £328,352 and for works greater than £4,104,397) – conducted in line with the Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2016 and advertised in OJEU and also advertised on PCS.

Framework Agreements

HIAL may also engage with suppliers via any of the Framework Agreements which have been implemented by the Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorate (SPCD) both on behalf of public sector organisations in Scotland or Government Procurement Service on behalf of the public sector for the whole of the UK.

A national collaborative Framework Agreement for Supported Factories and Businesses has been established.

The method for HIAL to engage with suppliers on these frameworks is prescribed with the usual route for multi supplier frameworks being via a mini competition between all the suppliers on that framework.  There is therefore not only opportunity for suppliers to tender for these frameworks themselves once they are advertised but also to offer their services a subcontractors at the pre and post award stages of the procurement process.

These opportunities are advertised on various websites including PCS, the national lower value contract opportunity portal and/or OJEU.

Suppliers are encouraged to register for free with the PCS website.  By doing so, they will receive notification of contract opportunities, specific to their areas of exerptise from an ever growing number of public bodies in Scotland, including HIAL.

Such notification not only covers lower value contract opportunities but also those above the OJEU threshold which appear in the European Journal.

We would also suggest that suppliers monitor various other procurement portals including Government Procurement Service and Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorateto help them identify potential subcontracting opportunities, most of which will have dedicated supplier areas.

Supplier Opportunities, Guidance and Support

Useful websites with procurement opportunities

The Online Supplier Journey

A new website, making it easier for Scottish companies to bid for work in the public sector was launched in 2011.

The website will guide firms, large and small, through each step in the process – setting out what they can expect from buyers and what is expected of them.  This brings together and simplifies a lot of often complicated guidance, making it easier to understand.  It will be particularly useful for small businesses.

The journey will guide businesses through the process of applying for contracts, making the system more streamlined and easier to understand and has been developed with the help of Scottish companies who have already gone through the process.

The Single Point of Enquiry

An independent, impartial and confidential service for suppliers to the public sector in Scotland.  They can help you by offering advice on the procurement rules which must be followed by public bodies in Scotland and information on how contracts are advertised and awarded.

If you have concerns about a specific tender exercise, they can work with you and the buying organisation to try and resolve your concerns.  They do not have formal powers to investigate suppliers’ concerns or change decisions made by buying organisations.  Feedback from suppliers contributes to improvements in public procurement practices in Scotland