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HIAL Strategy and Covid-19 Recovery Plan 2021-2026

Ro-innleachd agus Plana Ath-bheothachaidh Covid-19 HIAL airson 2021-26

HIAL Corporate Operating Plan 2022-2023

Plana Obrachaidh Corporra 2022-2023

This plan sets out the goals and strategic priorities we have identified to help develop a carbon-neutral regional airport network, while at the same time continuing to support economic prosperity and deliver social benefit for communities throughout the Highlands and Islands.  We had originally planned to launch a previous version of this Plan in March 2020 – just as the Covid-19 pandemic struck. We decided to postpone the publication of our plan and our key corporate priorities so we could take the opportunity to review the impact of Covid-19 on our operations – not only how we responded in the short term, but also the impact that it has had on how we will prioritise our goals and objectives in the medium to long-term.

As a result, our Strategic Plan has now become our Strategy and Covid-19 Recovery Plan, setting out how we aim to respond to the considerable impact that Covid-19 had on our business in 2020 and how we aim to recover in the coming years.