Air Traffic Management – Update

HIAL and Prospect are discussing a possible alternate method of delivery for the ATMS project. Any proposal will be subject to consultation with union members and HIAL’s wider stakeholders.

Inglis Lyon, HIAL’s Managing Director said:  “We have been engaging with Prospect to find a solution to resolve the current industrial action.   I met with Prospect on Friday, 10 September, to discuss the implementation of our air traffic modernisation programme.  The discussions were constructive, and we will now move forward with more detailed talks.”

David Avery, Negotiation Officer for Prospect said: “Prospect had a constructive meeting with HIAL on 10 September and we have agreed to further talks to find a mutually agreeable solution to modernising air traffic control services in the Highlands and Islands. Prospect has agreed that there will be no further days of strike while these talks are ongoing.”

Published: 13th September 2021