As part of our commitment to keeping our customers, passengers and staff as safe as possible, the installation of the automatic tray disinfection system using ultraviolet (UVC) light provides a long-term protection against bacteria or viruses at Inverness Airport.

Baggage trays will now automatically be disinfected every time they pass through the tray return system – providing our passengers and staff with increased protection from tactile transmission of bacteria and viruses. Short-wavelength UV light (UVC) technology has been successfully utilised for the disinfection of surfaces in industries with strengthened hygiene regulations, such as the food and health sectors.

The kits, supplied by Smiths Detection, have now been successfully integrated into our existing tray flow and are able to disinfect baggage trays from all sides whilst killing bacteria and virus within seconds. The installation of this technology will not affect the overall speed of the tray return system while contributing to HIAL’s enhanced cleaning regimes throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Inverness Airport General Manager, Graeme Bell, said: “The new disinfectant kits are a valuable addition to the safety measures we have introduced to ensure passengers can travel as safely as possible during the pandemic. Other measures include hand sanitisers and appropriate social distancing measures. Our staff have worked hard to implement these measures and are on hand to help anyone who requires assistance during their time in the airport.”

Richard Thompson, Global Director Aviation at Smiths Detection, said: “Regaining the confidence of travellers and staff will be crucial for the future of air travel. Deploying a technology that is proven to be both efficient in killing microorganisms and safe to use is a testament to HIAL’s commitment to providing healthy passenger journeys.”