Inverness Airport

Arrivals & Departures

Flight No.ScheduledFromStatus
Flight No.    Information
EZY6214th December 08:35LutonLanded at 08:24
LM1524th December 09:00StornowayLanded at 09:15
BA14684th December 11:35HeathrowLanded at 11:20
KL09294th December 12:55AmsterdamCancelled
LM1304th December 13:35SumburghLanded at 13:56
LM5924th December 14:35ManchesterLanded at 14:33
EZY2454th December 15:00BristolLanded at 17:45
EZY8474th December 15:10GatwickLanded at 15:11
EZY6234th December 16:25LutonLanded at 16:17
LM5974th December 17:10StornowayLanded at 16:55
LM1624th December 17:10Belfast CityLanded at 17:11
EZY2454th December 17:53BristolLanded at 17:45
EZY8494th December 20:35GatwickLanded at 20:52
LM5984th December 21:15ManchesterLanded at 20:46
Flight No.ScheduledToStatus
Flight No.    Information
LM5914th December 06:30ManchesterDeparted at 07:10
EZY8464th December 06:45GatwickDeparted at 08:14
LM1514th December 07:00StornowayDeparted at 07:36
EZY6224th December 09:05LutonDeparted at 09:17
LM1314th December 09:30SumburghDeparted at 10:01
BA14694th December 12:25HeathrowDeparted at 12:33
KL09304th December 13:25AmsterdamCancelled - contact airline
LM1614th December 14:10Belfast CityDeparted at 14:38
LM5924th December 15:15StornowayDeparted at 15:09
EZY2464th December 15:35BristolDeparted at 18:49
EZY8484th December 16:00GatwickDeparted at 16:13
EZY6244th December 17:00LutonDeparted at 17:13
LM5974th December 17:45ManchesterDeparted at 17:39

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Hear from the team

Seeing up to one million passengers per year, Inverness Airport is a busy hub for the Highland community. With several airlines flying to and from here, including Loganair, EasyJet, KLM and British Airways, it really is a point-to-point service to the rest of the world.

Every day is so different at this dynamic airport that plays a vital role in connectivity of the Highlands to the Scottish Islands, major UK cities and destinations beyond.

With customer service at the very heart of everything they do, hear from the team about what gives Inverness Airport so much unique character.