Airport Information for Inverness Airport


Here at Inverness Airport we want to make travel simple. That is why we provide easy, convenient parking facilities to match your travel plans. Whether it is a flying visit or a month-long adventure, we have everything covered. 

New Tariffs for 2024

As of 4 January 2024, our car parking tariffs have changed. 

Here is our new tariff list: Inverness Airport Car Parking Tariffs 2024

Short Stay Parking 

For travel under 72 hours, we recommend using our short stay car parks. Our two onsite car parks are located near to the terminal building. Our useful car park map can help point you in the right direction.  

Long Stay Parking 

Our long stay car park is located behind the short stay zones. We recommend this option for those who are travelling over 72 hours. We recommend that long stay parking is booked before arrival. Bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance of your travels. Visit our online booking service for more information. 

Premium Parking 

Our premium car park provides parking for short and long stay disabled passengers. This zone is directly in front of the terminal building for easy access. For guidance on our parking facilities, take a look at our handy car park map.   

Blue badge holders will find easy parking to the front of the terminal in our premium car park.  

We recommend pre-booking for long stays in this zone.

Your ticket can also be validated by our team at the information desk. This is located within the terminal building. 

Payment Options 

We recommend to all customers that parking is pre-booked. You can book our facilities up to 12 months in advance of your travel. It is important to note that pre-booking is not available under 12 hours before your arrival.  

For the best value, we recommend our customers book short stay parking for travel under 72 hours. Long stay parking is available for those who need our facilities for over 72 hours. 

For online booking we accept payments via Visa and Mastercard. There are no card fees applicable and all payment details are securely managed.  

Customers who have not pre-booked their car park stay can use our pay-on-foot machines. These are located outside the terminal building. Our machines accept both cash and card payments. It is also possible to pay by debit or credit card at the exit barriers.  

Overstay charges are based on the standard parking rate.  

Managing My Booking 

Customers who have pre-booked parking will receive a confirmation email. This will also include their customer booking reference. You will receive this confirmation approximately five minutes after completing your booking. If you haven’t received your confirmation please contact our information desk. The number is 01667 464000. 

A copy of your email confirmation is available by logging into the ‘Manage my Booking’ portal. 

Amendments to bookings should be completed 24 hours before arriving at the airport. To update or cancel your booking, visit the ‘Manage my Booking’ portal

At the Car Park

Our car parks have automatic number plate recognition for customers that have pre-booked. Drivers can approach the parking barriers, and our system will recognise their information. This will then raise the barrier for cars to pass through.  

If your registration is not recognised after 15 seconds, use the assistance buzzer. This will connect you to a member of our team.

For customers that have not pre-booked, you will need to press the button for a ticket to gain access. Please keep this ticket in a safe place as you will need it for payment purposes and access out of the car park.  

Short stay car parks are located outside Inverness Airport terminal. It should be noted that our long stay car park is approximately ten minutes by foot. Special assistance points are available in the number two short stay car park. These call points give you direct access to our information desk. Our team will be happy to arrange any assistance you need.  

Parking facilities are regularly patrolled for extra security. We would also like to note that there are no restrictions on vehicle height.  

Directions to our car parking facilities: 

  • Information is available for those who have pre-booked via their booking confirmation email. 
  • For those who have not pre-booked, take a look at our airport parking map for further guidance. 

Drop-off and Pick-up Zones 

Convenient drop-off and pick-up parking is available for free (first ten minutes). This is located at the front of the terminal building. This area is easily located via the signposting as you enter the car park. Drivers must take a ticket from the barrier to access this area. For those who stay beyond the ten minute free parking limit, standard rates will apply.  

There is an extended free drop-off period up to 20 minutes for blue badge holders. 

Coach and Motorcycle 

Customers on motorcycles can park in any of our car parking facilities. Parking will be charged at the advertised rates for each car park.  

Parking for coach services can be accessed via our restricted access lane. This is situated at the front of the terminal building. Parking is limited to under two hours and cost per coach is £10. 

Payment for coach parking can be made in advance by contacting our information desk team. Their number is 01667 464000. Payments can also be made onsite if necessary. 

If using a minibus service to drop-off and pick-up, this service can use any of our onsite car parks. Minibuses are not permitted to use the restricted access lane.