Security Search FAQs: What to expect at Inverness Airport

What if I’m selected for a random screening swab?

Random screenings for explosive trace detection are part of the regular testing that we must carry out to meet specific UK regulatory requirements.  These requirements are the same at every UK airport.  However, the equipment in place at our airport may vary from other airports.  The equipment and different types of security checks in place at our airport meet the regulatory requirement for an airport of our size. 

If you are selected for a random screening, a member of our security team will approach you to explain the process.  You will be screened using our explosive trace detection equipment.  This involves taking a sample using a paper swab from your clothes, shoes, and hands. 

If the result of the sample test check is negative, you will be advised to collect your bags and items before going through to the departure lounge.

If the test check returns a positive result further screening will be required.  This will include your bag, any items you are carrying and possibly a body search.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time you can ask to speak to the Duty Security Supervisor.  Please note that a duty Security Supervisor may not be immediately available due to other responsibilities.  They will present themselves a soon as possible.  Your patience is appreciated at this time.