Security Search FAQs: What to expect at Inverness Airport

What does a hold baggage search comprise of?

A hold baggage search is a thorough physical and visual check of your bag and all items it contains. This will be a methodical hand search undertaken by a security operative who will examine all items in your bag, which will include clothing, laundry items, toiletry bags and any other contents, bags, or containers.

Any hold baggage selected for a hand search will be examined in the presence of the owner.  

Once the hand search is complete, the bag will be tested with a paper swab and items will be repacked by our security operatives. Your bag will then be placed onto the baggage conveyor system for your flight.  

You will be asked to sign a form which confirms that you were present when the search took place.

During the search if a prohibited or dangerous item is found, it will be removed and disposed of on site. Police Scotland may be contacted to assist with the prohibited or dangerous item