Security Search FAQs: What to expect at Inverness Airport

What Items are considered prohibited or dangerous in hold baggage?

At check in you will be asked if any of the following items are in your hold baggage:

  • Flammable liquids and solids.
  • Oxidisers such as bleaching powders.
  • Organic peroxides.
  • Tear gas devices or any gas cylinders.
  • Infectious substances such as live virus materials.
  • Wet-cell car batteries.
  • Instruments containing mercury.
  • Instruments containing magnets.
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnics.
  • Non-safety matches.
  • Firelighters, lighter fuel, paints, thinners.
  • Poisons, arsenic, cyanide, weedkiller.
  • Radioactive materials, acids, corrosives, alkalis, caustic soda.
  • Creosote, quicklime, oiled paper.
  • Vehicle fuel system components which have contained fuel.
  • Explosives, ammunition, detonators and related equipment.
  • Smoke canisters and smoke cartridges.
  • Firearms and component parts of firearms without relevant documentation and permission granted by the airline and subject to security provisions.
  • Loose Lithium batteries
  • No more than 5 litres of alcohol per passenger.

Guidelines for restricted and banned items within hold baggage can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority website - Guidelines for checked in and carry on bags | Civil Aviation Authority (