Security Search FAQs: What to expect at Inverness Airport

What to expect from a body search?

A security operative will ask your permission to undertake a body search. If you do not consent to undergo a body search you will not be allowed to pass through to the departure lounge and will be asked to return to the check-in desk and advise airline staff that you will not be travelling.

If consent is given, you will be asked to stand in the star position, with both legs spread wide and arms outstretched evenly to the side, palms facing forward, and fingers outstretched. The security operative will then undertake a physical check in a methodical way.  

Our security operatives must go through a thorough protocol for a physical search and follow a specific check list, which meet specific UK regulatory requirements. Our security operatives undergo regular and rigorous training in order meet required standards.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time you can ask to speak to the Duty Security Supervisor. Please note that a Duty Security Supervisor may not be immediately available due to other responsibilities. They will present themselves a soon as possible, and your patience is appreciated.